Roof Inspection & Quote

The first step in repairing and/or resurfacing (painting, waterproofing etc.) your roof cladding begins with a full professional on-site inspection by a Canterbury Roof Painting Ltd experienced professional.

You will receive an honest report outlining any defects, damage, potential risks and a course of action required to rectify any issues. There may be multiple options that will be discussed with you.

Post-inspection, you will receive a detailed written report and free no-obligation quote outlining the on-site inspection and any costs relating to rectifying any issues.

Roof Cleaning & Preparation

Before painting any roof, we complete the hard part… PREPARATION.

It is paramount that EVERY square inch of your roof receives attention when pressure washing – this allows for high adhesion qualities for a subsequent paint system. One missed spot could (and will) be a weak point of the coating system and will have a high potential risk for failure.

There are many different types of roof surfaces/claddings, but most have their fair share of moss, lichen, mould and many other built up pollens and contaminants. Alternatively, there could be flaking paint from previously painted roofs, or that old Colorsteel coating has faded away to nothing…. Either way, these surfaces need to be cleaned thoroughly prior to any paint application, and any loose or flaky material removed.

Our team of highly skilled staff will ensure a nice clean and sound surface to ensure any subsequent paint applications have an excellent adhesion factor, for that long lasting, durable paint finish.

Roof Painting / Coating

Whether the previous coating has broken down on your roof, or you have rusted and damaged surfaces, or you simply want to change your roof colour – here at Canterbury Roof Painting Ltd we have solutions for you.

We only use leading paint brands, such as Wattyl, Resene, and Dulux. These companies all carry 12-15 year product warranties and are the leading paint suppliers in NZ, and their paints are designed specifically for New Zealand’s fluctuating climate.

Typical types of roofs that we recoat:
*Concrete and Tile Roofs
*Previously Painted Iron Roofs
* Faded Colorsteel Roofs
*Decramastic Tile roofs

Spouting & Various Spray Applications

Canterbury Roof Painting Ltd don’t just paint roofs!!
We also provide a wide variety of spray applications, such as garage doors, spouting and gutter systems, fences (new and existing), commercial buildings, exterior residential houses, interior residential houses, decks and more!

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